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martyrology 05-17-22

At Villareal, in the kingdom of Valencia, of St. Pascal, of the Order of Minorites, a man of wonderful innocence, and replenished with the spirit of penance.-At Pisa, in Tuscany, of St. Torpes, martyr, who first filled a high office in the court of Nero, and was one of those of whom the apostle St. Paul wrote from Rome to the Philippians: "All the saints salute you, especially those that are of the house of Cesar." For the faith of Christ, he was afterwards, by order of Satellicus, buffeted, cruelly scourged and delivered to the beasts to be devoured, but being uninjured, he at last terminated his martyrdom by decapitation on the 29th of April. His feast, however, is kept on this day, on account of the translation of his body.-The same day, of St. Restituta, virgin and martyr, who, in the reign of Valerian, was subjected to various kinds of tortures in Africa by the judge Proculus, and then put in a boat filled with pitch and tow, that she might be burnt to death on the sea. But when the boat was set on fire, the flame turned on those who had kindled it, and the saint yielded her spirit to God in prayer. Her body, together with the skiff, was, by divine providence, carried to the island of Ischia, near Naples, where it was received by the Christians with great veneration. A church was afterwards erected in her honor at Naples, by Constantine the Great.- At Noyon, of the holy martyrs Heradius, Paul, and Aquilinus, with two others.-At Chalcedon, of the holy martyrs Solochanus and his companions, soldiers, under the emperor Maximian.-At Alexandria, of the holy martyrs Adrio, Victor and Basilla-At Wurzburg, of St. Bruno, bishop and confessor.

Library of Congress. The Roman Martyrology. John Murphy & CO, Publishers, 1897.

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